Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vietnam viewed from airplane

Photos taken by Truong Quoc Viet in May, 2007. Read more about him here.

Click here to enlarge 4 photos above

Click here to enlarge the next 4 photos

Click here to enlarge the next 4 photos

Click here to enlarge the next 4 photos

Photos taken by Truong Quoc Viet in May, 2007. Read more about him here.


Dr. Gary L. Green, B.Sc., D.C. said...

Great pictures. Going to be in HCMC in a month. My 2nd trip and looking forward to it.

seodigger said...

vietnam news and picture collection
this is great pictures.. thank for sharing..
i would like to copy it and share at the forums hope people love it

Omar Cruz said...
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Travel Insurance said...

amazing views - plane photography do the best - something between a map and oil frame picture:)

Kennedy said...

good pictures i know i am just a little girl but i want to know y they worship the vitnamese statue as they call it virgin mary that is the statues name y do they worship it

Earl John said...

This is a great shot of yours. this photos explains the beauty of the place. thanks for sharing and hope to see more photos from you because it's great!

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